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By effectively deploying digital technologies, your business can implement a differentiated customer experience that leaves a positive impression and ultimately drives increased revenue.

Make your customer experience welcoming, memorable, useful and profitable

Customer experience (CX) is grounded in orchestrating exceptionally good experiences for customers during every interaction they have with you. It’s often described as “customer journey optimization,” and it includes mapping, managing, evaluating and constantly improving the customer experience through behavioral analysis, predictive analytics, e-commerce and other capabilities.

As more commerce moves online, opportunities are expanding to get to know and understand customers better than ever before. This understanding comes from the data customers leave about themselves, their preferences and what motivates them to buy—or not. Taking the massive amounts of data that flow through your organization and extracting actionable insights is the realm of data analytics—a foundation of mapping and optimizing the customer journey.

Another path to enriching customer experience is effective eCommerce and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. These tools provide an online experience that meets customer needs and deliver the tracking tools a business needs to better engage with their customers.

CX is a top-of-mind concern for business leaders who want to stay relevant with today’s mix of in-person and digital channels. It’s certainly top-of-mind with the seasoned pros in our CX practices within RSM. Let us bring the industry, technology and business experience of our team to your journey to optimize your customer experience.

Creating a first class digital customer experience

What are businesses thinking and doing to enhance CX? Review these resources and publications from our top thinkers and practitioners.

Explore technologies central to your customers’ experience with you.

Back-end systems can have as much impact on your CX as a beautiful website, impressive catalog or supremely trained phone CSRs. We help you ensure systems do their jobs and continue delighting customers.

Digital transformation for enhanced CX: Free guide 

Technology can remove obstacles enhancing customer experience, including adding capabilities to predict what customers want and serve them in multiple channels with consistent, predictable and personalized contact along the customer journey.

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