Customer relationship management (CRM)

Today’s CRM systems are tools to manage any kind of business relationship. Whatever your relationship needs, RSM solutions are configured according to your unique requirements.

What relationships do you want to manage?

CRM—customer relationship management—is evolving to XRM. The “C”, customers, is being replaced with the “X” meaning anything: Customers, vendors, patients, members, donors, investors, really any group imaginable.

CRM/XRM systems are powerfully designed for customer relationship management, but actually are excellent tools to manage any kind of relationship. The key to selecting and implementing XRM successfully is a clear understanding of what groups you want to manage and what you expect to accomplish. This is where RSM is different and where our value stands out. Our business and technology professionals help you sort through the maze of choices and identify the best solution for your company. We work with many of the top-tier providers in the XRM space including Microsoft Dynamics, iMIS Software, Salesforce and NetSuite.

Implementing new XRM technology is often a challenging process. Our implementation experience ranges from the very basic, standard deployment to complex configurations and custom development including automation, dashboards and system integration. Whatever your relationship needs, our solutions are based on understanding your unique requirements and matching them with the technology that will serve you best.

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Choose the right customer engagement platform to meet evolving customer demands

Our free selection guide is designed to help your company evaluate some of the most popular customer engagement systems from vendors such as Microsoft, Salesforce and ServiceNow, so you can choose the right solution that meets your needs and supports your unique requirements.

Alternative CRM/XRM solutions for middle market businesses

These technology suites offer a wealth of functionality beyond CRM/XRM. Let us help you determine which is best for you.
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