Microsoft case study

Priority Bicycles transforms customer journey with RSM

A fast-growing retailer wanted to create an innovative experience for buying bicycles and needed technology to serve as a platform for growth.

With the help of RSM, Priority Bicycles created a connected physical and ecommerce store with AI-driven virtual assistance using customer insights and automated security measures like fraud detection.


The goal was to make bicycling simpler. Bicycles are based on customer demand, which requires finding new methods to incorporate user feedback into all aspects of the business.

It’s not about having the data. It’s about having a partner like RSM to work with that data and make it functional. We now understand how to use data to make our business stronger.
Connor Swegle, Chief Marketing Officer, Priority Bicycles


Visitors receive a premium customer experience, which helps this bicycle retailer stand out among the competition. The company is able to use analytics to continually innovate based on customer feedback.

Digital transformation for enhanced CX: Free guide 

Technology can remove obstacles enhancing customer experience, including adding capabilities to predict what customers want and serve them in multiple channels with consistent, predictable and personalized contact along the customer journey.