Workflow and Process Improvement

Don't let workflow get in the way of productivity — consider tax function process improvement

Complex, growing organizations generate vast amounts of data and information for tax analysis and reporting. As regulations change and reporting requirements evolve, processes must adjust. Often, these adjustments are workarounds rather than thoughtful redesigns. A third-party perspective can help.

Our tax function optimization specialists can assess the overall alignment of your tax resources, processes and policies with your organization's goals and identify ways to streamline your tax function, allowing you to:

  • Manage exposure and risk more effectively
  • Spend more time on tax planning opportunities
  • Access data needed for tax planning activities
  • Report up and out more quickly and accurately
  • Respond expediently to auditor inquiries

Comprehensive review of your tax function

We will collaborate with your tax professionals to gain a thorough understanding of your department before offering solutions. Depending on your project needs, we will look closely at:

  • Major tax processes, including resources and timelines
  • Sources for financial data utilized in all tax processes
  • Tax calculations performed by the tax department
  • Reconciliation points within each process
  • Data and information sources outside the tax department
  • Key outputs and recipients from each of the major tax processes
  • Tax organizational structure and skill sets
  • Technology configurations
  • Gaps between business goals and current functional abilities

Collaborative planning and implementation

Working with your team, we will outline and diagram proposed processes and configurations that will fit your culture and goals. These maps create a blueprint to help all stakeholders and end users to understand both the high-level design and its detailed functionality and configuration. This step includes illustrating how your tax systems integrate and communicate within the tax department and with other financial and operational systems.

We will also work with your leadership to make sure the talent of your tax professionals is being utilized in the most effective manner. Our experienced advisors will provide an honest assessment of available talent and identify opportunities to bridge any knowledge gaps so that your team can function optimally within the new workflow environment.

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