Managing import and export compliance

Whether a business faces an audit; desires an independent review of current compliance activities; requires customized training or manuals; or needs to enhance key processes, procedures and internal controls, RSM can help develop and manage robust import and export compliance programs. We can also support interactions with national customs, export control and other government authorities to secure approvals or challenge positions via ruling and license requests, prior disclosures, protests and other administrative mechanisms.

Reviews, assessments and audits

Determining potential risks and opportunities in cross-border trade activities is most effectively done through a review of operations and transactions, be it a high-level or deep-dive assessment. Filing inconsistencies, reporting errors and process gaps can be identified through one-time and periodic reviews; these also prepare the business to deal with inquiries and audits from customs and trade authorities. Identified actual or potential violations, as well as cost-savings opportunities, can be proactively managed. RSM can assist in the development and conduct of reviews and assessments, and help to successfully guide the business through compliance audits.


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Policies, processes and procedures

Executing the day-to-day tasks involved in global sourcing and trade requires a certain degree of focus and discipline across corporate functions. Doing so in a consistently compliant and cost-effective manner requires documented, measureable and auditable processes, procedures and internal controls. RSM works to understand the unique situation and culture to support efforts to develop, implement and monitor business operations linked to global procurement, cross-border trade and customs activities. We will assess and identify risks and cost-savings opportunities, develop customized training, help streamline business processes, and bring rigor to the control environment to facilitate an efficient and compliant global supply chain.

Rulings, disclosures and protests

The right answer is often a matter of perspective and position. That’s why appreciating the nuances inherent in many trade matters is critical to effectively framing—and then conveying—the unique facts and circumstances to government authorities. This is especially true in emerging markets where the quest to remain compliant with local laws and regulations is continually challenged by lack of precise information and limited access to decision-makers. With ruling requests, protests, disclosures and other public-sector interface and advocacy efforts focused on a tailored approach, RSM can help to navigate bureaucracy to achieve positive outcomes in customs and trade matters.

Cross-border security

The benefits of participating in the various cross-border supply chain security initiatives are well documented. Participants in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s C-TPAT program, for instance, experience significantly less compliance and security reviews at the border, which helps to maintain the velocity of their supply chains and high levels of customer service. Throughout the validation, application and implementation processes, RSM offers practical support and guidance to achieve the proper balance between cross-border operations and government requirements—in C-TPAT, AEO and other global security programs.