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Real tax savings aren’t achieved at just the federal, international, state or local levels – they are realized through a disciplined, integrated approach that anticipates how each tax challenge informs all others to deliver real savings for your company.

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Tax reform and your business

Tax reform and your business

How might the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affect your business and tax planning? Follow our insights on the sweeping changes to tax legislation.

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2018 state tax legislative changes

Understand the critical legislative updates and changes from 2018 affecting state and local tax planning and compliance.


Tax-free spin-offs prior to product sales stage could become a reality

The IRS is reconsidering the traditional rule requiring revenue to satisfy the active trade or business requirement of section 355.


Comments address use of section 199a by non-bank and bank lenders

Comments seek clarification on the definition of a dealer in securities as it applies to lenders, both direct and indirect.


2018 State and local tax recap: Developments, decisions and disruptors

Join RSM for a complimentary webcast on Oct. 10 as we review significant state tax legislative changes that affect your business.


New York payroll tax program requires election by Dec. 1, 2018

Payroll tax aimed at offsetting state and local tax deduction cap for individuals begins to take shape; election required for 2019.

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