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Methods of identifying and securing credits and incentives to offset strategic investments

Is your company planning to relocate, open a new facility or hire new talent? Or possibly your goals include investing in high-tech research and development, sustainable technology or capital improvements?  If so, don’t leave money on the table. Our specialty teams help middle market clients like you identify and secure credits and incentives from federal, state and local programs.

We understand both your needs and the complexities of identifying and securing tax credit incentives and other tax benefits. These areas offer some of the largest opportunities:

  • People: New job creations, retention, and workforce training incentives
  • Investments: R&D tax credits, state investment credits, renewable energy incentives and certain real estate investment incentives
  • Operations: Energy and sustainability programs, manufacturing and production incentives and excise tax exemptions and credits

Our high approval rates illustrate our experienced team is highly motivated to match your strategic goals to available tax credits and incentives. It’s our mission to help your company achieve your funding goals by maximizing available tax credits and incentives 

How RSM can help you

Negotiating and accessing credits and incentives when operating in multiple states can be complicated without our experienced team helping through every step of the process.

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