Compliance issues a very real threat to private equity funds

Heightened SEC focus could put funds out of business

Private equity funds have long operated with relatively light regulatory attention. Now, new attention from the SEC could actually put you out of business. If you aren't paying attention to the new compliance environment, you may be ignoring the single biggest threat your fund faces.

  • The SEC has set up a new division focusing exclusively on private equity and hedge funds
  • They have already found a steady stream of fiduciary violations involving fees, valuation methodologies and expense reimbursement practices
  • Now they are focusing on whether private equity funds are operating as unlicensed broker-dealers or investment advisors – and the penalties for that can put you out of business

For private equity funds, compliance presents a clear and present danger outlines this pressing threat and can help your fund understand the rules and registration requirements. Read it today. This is an issue you simply cannot ignore.

Current tax issues raise major challenges for private equity

What the latest changes mean for your deals, your operations and your profits

From the pay or play decision your portfolio company’s face under the Affordable Care Act to recent court decisions that could put your executives on the hook for pension liabilities to possible tax increases on carried interests, our three-part video series on tax issues confronting private equity today highlights pressing tax concerns that you should address now.

Taxes affect everything from your deals to your operations to your profits. Watch our video series today to learn how to address your most pressing tax concerns.

In private equity, valuations are the beginning of value

Are your valuations doing their job?

From weighing the worth of a potential target to deciding when to realize your investment in a portfolio company, valuations are a driving metric for your fund, as our four-part video series on private equity valuations proves. A good valuation isn't worth its weight in gold – it's worth its weight in the information you need to make the right decisions at the right time.

From overall valuation methodology strategy to specific issues that drive valuation decisions, our video series offers key insights from leading advisors and private equity fund leaders.

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