International Nonprofit Organizations

International nonprofit organizations like yours have a unique challenge, complying with regulations and reporting requirements in the United States as well as conforming to the statutes of the individual countries in which your organization operates. Our nonprofit services team offers audit, tax and consulting services to nearly 3,000 nonprofit clients nationwide, with many of those conducting international activities. We are familiar with the obstacles you face, including:

  • Working in developing countries
  • Operational risks due to insufficient infrastructure
  • Challenges related to local cultures
  • Maintaining donor compliance
  • Adhering to IFRS reporting regulations
  • Concerns related to fraud
  • Compliance with tax laws, including complex expat regulations
  • Procedures pertaining to internal controls

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Our unique International Office, based in Chicago, provides a single point of contact to help nonprofit organizations manage their relationships, compliance and reporting concerns, and conduct business outside the U.S. Our relationship with RSM International, the seventh-largest network of independent accounting, tax and consulting firms worldwide, provides us with an intimate knowledge of the countries that your organization operates in. We utilize various methods to appropriately address your needs, including our U.S.-based team traveling abroad, the use of local firms or a combination of both.