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Are you struggling to find the right people to help your nonprofit succeed?

Even a nonprofit with highly motivated staff members may have difficulty keeping up with the demands of a growing organization. As such, many nonprofit leaders are utilizing outsourcing to meet their back-office needs so they can focus on the organization’s mission. The benefits of outsourcing are enormous. Nonprofits can improve their accounting functions, upgrade their IT systems, streamline their human resources approach and enhance their efficiency, all while saving money.

Read our Outsourcing for Nonprofits: Buyer’s Guide to learn more about important concepts to keep in mind when engaging an MSP. The guide includes key areas of consideration, including:

  • Assessing your nonprofit’s current business operations
  • Outsourcing trends
  • Comparison of staffing and resourcing solutions
  • Selecting the right managed services provider
  • Common outsourcing pitfalls to avoid
  • Measuring the success of your outsourcing arrangement

The guide is a jargon-free e-book, written in a straightforward style, that helps pinpoint your requirements and steer you toward the MSP that is right for your organization. Learn more about the full potential of outsourcing and how it can help your nonprofit better fulfill its mission.

Download the guide