NetSuite for nonprofits

NetSuite for nonprofit organizations is a cloud-based solution that gives you insight into the entire end-to-end life cycle of your organization’s initiatives—from fundraising to program execution, reporting and more.

Nonprofits face unique challenges

Nonprofit organizations are expected to responsibly manage contributions while maximizing program efficiency and minimizing waste. For organizations that still rely on manual processes to assemble information from disconnected sources, achieving a complete view of the organization and its programs can be complex and inefficient.

NetSuite clarifies the complex

NetSuite for nonprofit organizations is built with NetSuite ERP, a comprehensive solution that enables you to access accurate, always-updated information—so you can better manage programs, budgets and processes. As a single, cloud-based platform, NetSuite is convenient to use from anywhere—all you need is an internet connection and a device with a web browser.

NetSuite also connects components of fundraising and grant management to your core accounting system for real-time visibility into committed pledges as well as donations and grants received. NetSuite for nonprofit organizations includes features that are specific to your needs. For example, NetSuite can differentiate restricted and unrestricted funds, to ensure proper allocation while maintaining compliance with Financial Accounting Standards Board nonprofit reporting guidelines.

If your nonprofit is looking for ways to streamline processes and free up staff for other, more mission-focused tasks, NetSuite ERP is an ideal solution.


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More about NetSuite for nonprofit organizations

At RSM, we’ve customized NetSuite ERP solutions for multiple industries. Here are some of the features included in NetSuite for nonprofit organizations:

  • Manage inbound and outbound grants
  • Manage government grants
  • Assign and report on grant milestones

Learn more about ways NetSuite ERP helps to streamline nonprofit businesses

NetSuite social impact program

NetSuite offers a one-of-a-kind program for nonprofit organizations of all sizes to improve operations and to grow each individual mission. There are two options for participating in the NetSuite social impact program:

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