Microsoft for nonprofits

Enabling operational efficiencies allows greater focus on the mission

Nonprofit industry Microsoft consulting services

Being a nonprofit organization means showing financial due diligence to contributors, working efficiently to keep down overhead costs and building relationships that enable you to fulfill your mission.

RSM provides the technology framework that enables over 3,000 nonprofits to manage operations efficiently. Our clients include:

  • Charities
  • Associations
  • Foundations
  • Religious organizations
  • Providers of health care, education, housing and more

Our RSM nonprofit industry advisors enable you to leverage technology to do more with limited resources, so you can spend less time on administrative activities and more time doing the work that helps you achieve your goals and mission.

Nonprofits can take advantage of the following Microsoft solutions:

RSM’s business and industry accelerators extend the capabilities of Microsoft technologies to bring speed and efficiency to your organization.

This accelerator integrates with Xtracta's cloud-based OCR engine to automatically convert accounts payable data in scanned images to text for processing. The engine is powered by artificial intelligence, and the use of machine learning eliminates the need for manual template setup.

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Knowing where to start with Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be difficult. This buyer’s guide is designed to be a first step in understanding how to reap optimal value from Dynamics 365.

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