Reimagine your corporate tax function

When to consider tax co-sourcing and how to get it right

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As tax director, you are effectively your organization’s director of tax risk. Your goal is clear: Delivering efficient, credible tax planning, reporting and compliance. This requires that your people and processes be properly aligned. A lack of knowledge in or diminished resources committed to tax specialty areas, such as transfer pricing, cost segregation, fixed assets or a variety of other tax needs, can introduce risk and put a strain on your organization’s tax function.

On the other hand, a properly resourced and reimagined tax function can make a good tax department great, with optimized capabilities, streamlined processes, effective technologies and efficient outcomes.

Our e-book brings together the experience of our corporate tax office professionals to discuss the resource issues you might face as a director of tax risk, and shares co-sourcing strategies to help you do your job better and more efficiently.

Discussion includes:

  • Driving business forces that affect your tax sourcing needs
  • Determining the right sourcing approach and provider
  • Leveraging talents and understanding roles and responsibilities
  • Measuring co-sourcing outcomes and successes

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Reimagine your corporate tax function for the world we’re in now.

To understand how completely RSM outsourcing and co-sourcing can optimize your tax department, improving efficiency and saving money, download our new e-book. It tells you how to get the most from the outsourcing revolution.