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Increase your cyber resilience and achieve a fast response and recovery

How quickly can you recover from a cyber disruption?

Bad actors launch sophisticated cyberattacks against middle market organizations with alarming regularity. They use malware, ransomware, back doors and malicious tools, destabilizing normal business operations for days, weeks or even longer. Having an effective cyber resilience, response and recovery strategy is the best way to keep business interruption at a minimum and reduce your reputational and financial risks.

RSM offers a full suite of cyber resilience, response and recovery solutions that give you the ability to prepare for and rebound from any cyber, environmental or human-caused incident quickly. Our professionals start by creating a foundation of preparedness and resiliency. We’ll identify the systems, data and resources that support your mission-critical activities, assess how they could be compromised in an event and build the plan to orchestrate response and recovery from an incident. This approach empowers your organization to resume normal business operations in accordance with established recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs).

Build cyber resilience and limit business interruption with RSM

RSM boasts a uniquely qualified team of technology recovery, business continuity and cyber response professionals with a broad range of industry experience. Our services and solutions help you to stay ever ready in a world of evolving cyberthreats. We align your business continuity, disaster recovery and contingency plans in accordance with your mission, business objectives and resources. Investing in these efforts now can help reduce the likelihood, as well as the financial and reputational damage, of an attack.

Our advisors can build a cyber resilience strategy that lets you quickly assess an event’s impact, start containment and remediation, and move toward recovery. You’ll also benefit from our cyber response, recovery and remediation team’s extensive, real-world experience with cyber response and natural disaster recovery. In an uncertain environment with new threats constantly emerging, having a skilled, practiced team to call on brings great peace of mind.

Cyber resilience and cyber recovery solutions from RSM

Our cyber resilience professionals will work with you to understand and evaluate your most pressing cyber, environmental or manufactured threats. We’ll perform a thorough risk assessment and business impact analyses so you know how a cyber event will affect your business processes, technologies and third parties. We’ll also show you how to protect and restore mission-critical systems that will keep your business running in the event of an attack. Plus, we’ll advise on setting RTOs and RPOs that meet your unique business needs.

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