Outsource it? 5 cybersecurity questions for your organization

Feb 08, 2024
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Cyberattacks were once reserved for only the biggest organizations. But those days are gone. Of the more than 3,000 cyber insurance claims filed last year, only 2% were made by companies with $2 billion or more in annual revenue. Middle market businesses are preferred targets now. So how secure is your organization?

Middle market companies have become cyberattack targets because they rarely have the in-house staff or resources to mount a defense as robust as bigger organizations. Some outsource their security; others try to manage it in-house. For those keeping security in-house, their list of challenges is long and daunting. Do any of these obstacles sound familiar?

  • It’s difficult to hire and retain qualified personnel.
  • Monitoring security around the clock is a constant challenge.
  • It’s consistently hard to stay abreast of the latest cyberthreats.
  • Budgeting for constant software updates is a strain.

We’ve launched a new quiz to help you determine which challenges impact your organization the most and to create a broader picture of the security landscape facing middle market businesses today.

Take our brief 5-question quiz on security monitoring to see how your organization stacks up against peers and competitors. After you complete the quiz, we’ll provide customized insights to help your company prepare for the next threat on the digital horizon.

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