RSM Attack Vector Report 2024

Take action against cybersecurity risks with deep insight into evolving threats

Jun 13, 2024

Key takeaways

The Vector Report reveals the most common issues affecting organizations’ cybersecurity posture.

Organizations continue to struggle to maintain consistent processes in key security practices.

Digital identity, configuration and vulnerability management, and architecture are common issues.

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With breaches on the rise in the middle market, creating an effective cybersecurity strategy is imperative to protect sensitive data and intellectual property, comply with evolving regulatory demands and even sustain operations. Gaining insight into the cybersecurity challenges and vulnerabilities peer organizations face can provide a critical head start to developing a practical cybersecurity stance and focusing energy on areas that may be at risk.

Discover critical insights into cybersecurity threats with RSM US LLP's annual Attack Vector Report. Our report draws from a robust internal database of penetration tests and offers a unique perspective on the evolving tactics of threat actors. Despite using recurring attack patterns, the digital threat landscape is in constant flux, with adversaries continually adapting to outmaneuver security measures.

Our methodology is meticulous: we analyze data from organizations that have undergone penetration testing with RSM. By examining risk ratings and attack vectors, we uncover trends and critical observations. This year's report is enriched with historical data, providing a comprehensive view of the current threat environment. With a special focus on internal attack vectors—now more prevalent than external ones—we offer insights that can bolster your organization's defenses.

Don't wait for a breach to learn the importance of cybersecurity; take action now. Secure your copy of the report and empower your team with the knowledge to stay one step ahead of cyberthreats.

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