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As the business world evolves, environmental, social and governance efforts have moved to the forefront and become a critical success factor. Many businesses want to work with organizations that share similar perspectives on ESG issues, while others have compliance requirements that must be met. However, some companies struggle with key ESG processes, from developing an effective program to disclosing their impact.

RSM is a leading, trusted advisor to middle market firms throughout their entire ESG journey. RSM’s ESG team advises private and public sector companies on ESG readiness, strategy development, and the incorporation of ESG metrics into corporate decision-making and strategy to improve both long-term organizational performance and societal outcomes.

Transform your business with ESG

We can help align your ESG efforts to your firm’s overall strategy, helping to keep you competitive and prepared for the future from the due diligence perspective, attracting talent and sustainability. Our services that have helped clients reach their ESG goals include:

RSM’s approach to ESG due diligence is rooted in the industry. We leverage our vast network of industry analysts to provide insights into trends and competitive landscapes to identify significant and material ESG risks associated with transactions, assess the adequacy of the consideration and pricing of ESG risks, and recommend risk mitigation efforts.

Insights about ESG and investment strategies

Use these resources to learn more about how we help companies apply investment strategies that meet ESG expectations and lay the foundation for beneficial future growth.

Achieving your strategic vision

At RSM, we focus on helping you achieve the strategic vision of your organization, including plans to improve adherence to ESG standards.

Our team works cross-functionally to deliver other ESG-related services

We’re here to bridge ESG opportunities across various lines of your business. Contact us to discuss your overall ESG strategy.

Diversity, equity and inclusion advisory services

RSM’s DEI practice is fully integrated into our ESG practice. Together, they bring insights and leading research to our clients through a wide range of strategic services, including strategy development, business case modeling, diversity and inclusion assessments, and organizational D&I training.

Security and privacy risk services

A key element of ESG is security and privacy risk. Our ESG and SPR teams collaborate to provide a wide range of services, including cyber strategy, risk and compliance, cyber testing and response, and cyber transformation.

ESG pre-audit readiness services

RSM’s audit, risk and ESG teams collaborate to assess whether your organization’s processes, systems and controls support the accurate, complete and reliable reporting of ESG information.

ESG IPO preparedness services

RSM’s technical accounting consulting and ESG teams work in tandem to support your company in preparing for an initial public offering, providing pre- and post-IPO services to prepare for ESG disclosures, reporting and market expectations.

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