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Proprietary tools and technology, to help you balance objectives against risks while optimizing value.

Addressing complex business challenges with sophisticated financial modeling

Accurate risk assessment is critical to planning. Yet it is among the most difficult tasks facing middle market organizations, due to the market’s volatility and its multitude of moving parts. Companies must evaluate their risks, potential scenarios and possible exposures amid the churn of events and deliver the information to stake- and shareholders quickly and accurately. But addressing complex business challenges and changing regulatory environments requires an informed perspective supported by sophisticated financial modeling. Few firms have the capabilities to serve as their own actuaries. The key is finding a provider who can understand and address the specific challenges facing an organization. 

That’s why so many middle market firms just like yours choose to work with the experienced actuary professionals at RSM. Our team is recognized for its ability to solve complex business challenges. We utilize risk management tools and leverage our deep understanding of employee benefit and insurance matters to customize solutions for the most challenging problems.

Our fully integrated suite of actuarial services addresses multiple risk and actuarial issues:

  • Affinity program design, pricing, structuring, strategies and valuation
  • Appointed actuary, group benefits, pension
  • Benchmarking design and reporting
  • Capital/solvency management and strategies
  • Peer review
  • Reinsurance strategies and structuring
  • Stochastic modeling



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