Ed Stober, Army, 1985-1989

Wealth Management Director, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why I chose to serve

I come from a long line of prior service family members. My father served in Vietnam with the Marines. Six uncles (Navy and Army) served in World War II. They were involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor and the capture of a German U-boat. Only four returned. I wanted to serve my country and take advantage of the GI Bill for acquiring a college education.

What being a veteran means to me

I am proud to have served with those who came before me, served with me and continue to serve today. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the sacrifice that the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, spouses and children make every day for those who choose to actively serve today, or have given their lives in the act of duty to ensure that our peace and prosperity are protected.

How my service has affected my life

The U.S. Army provided me with the opportunity to travel, attain a college degree and to appreciate the commitment it takes to protect and serve these United States. I owe the foundation of my leadership skills and development to having been trained as a non-commissioned officer—to put the needs of my team and the strategy ahead the needs of the individual.