Advanced AMS for Oracle NetSuite

A Unified Cloud Solution for Associations

Associations have a unique set of requirements that are currently unfulfilled by the leading middle market enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Association management systems (AMS) on the market are very industry specific and lack the full functionality of a traditional ERP system that includes accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, customer relationship management (CRM) and more. In addition, most existing AMS solutions lack the online customer experience that people have come to expect in our digital age. This often makes associations look dated and out of touch with current trends and expectations.

RSM has developed an extensive suite of advanced capabilities specifically designed for Associations utilizing the world’s leading cloud ERP, Oracle NetSuite, for the middle market as the base platform. Advanced AMS for Oracle NetSuite, which addresses today’s digital challenges and allows associations to focus on their business instead of their legacy and disparate business systems. RSM delivers these solutions in a modular way, so that Associations can choose what they need. The solution plugs directly into NetSuite and is 100% backward compatible for future upgrades.


Download the Cloud AMS Selection Guide

In this guide you’ll find information on how to select the best association management system for your organization, common pitfalls to avoid, and an unbiased product comparison between leading AMS solutions. Download your free copy now.

Advanced AMS for NetSuite delivers the following capabilities:


  • Attract, sell and renew memberships 
  • Individual, enterprise and student memberships
  • Online account management
  • Revenue recognition, financial accuracy and audit control
  • Manage local chapters and affiliates
  • Committee and volunteer tracking


Event Management

  • Set up, sell and track event registrations 
  • Capacity and waitlist management 
  • Flexible online registration forms 
  • Support for exhibit and booth integrations 
  • Date based pricing for registrations
  • Comprehensive cancellation policies 
  • Proxy registration



  • Fully integrated portal for members 
  • View and pay open transactions 
  • Manage customer, preferences and payment information 
  • Access digital files and documents 
  • Single sign-on: integrated access to outside sites 
  • Online donations and donor management


Financial Management 

  • Full integration of GL, AR and AP 
  • Over 250 built-in FASB compliant standard and customized reports 
  • Real-time access to financial performance 
  • Supports over 190 currencies and exchange rates 
  • Accelerate the financial close and maintain compliance 


A flexible cloud based ERP system like NetSuite provides robust functionality while reducing internal IT management needs.  Since most associations carry unique nuances and requirements for the industry they support, NetSuite provides the ideal platform due to its easy configurability. This flexibility has allowed RSM to build out a collection of AMS functions to support trade associations that we are able to install and configure into your NetSuite solution.

True multi-tenant cloud platform - Your data is safely managed and you never have to worry about system uptime or upgrades again. An internet connection and device with a browser are your only infrastructure requirements.

Membership Management - Configurable to allow for unlimited member records and membership types.

Event Registration - Manage registration for any size event and allow flexibility with pricing, including group discounts.

Sponsorships – Allow companies to register as sponsors, bundle together and negotiate sponsorship packages.

Financial Management - Full integration of AR and AP.  No more GL summary exports between your AMS and accounting systems.

Order Management – Allows you to sell physical and downloadable items with inventory tracking and flexible pricing.

Online Customer and Member Portal – Fully integrated portal where customers and members can log in to manage and personalize their account and process additional payments, renewals and transactions.

Subscription Management - Manage publications and access to third-party systems like e-Learning.

Multicurrency and Multilanguage – Manage the needs of your international clients and meetings.

Multi-Subsidiary - Manage multiple legal entities within your association side-by-side in a single platform, maintain proper segregation, intercompany transactions and financial consolidation.

Affiliate and Chapter Management – Establish and manage rosters of active and past members for local chapters, track different types of chapters and manage financials for chapter specific dues where applicable.

Committee Management - Organize and track committees in your association including general committee information, committee participation and rosters and a history of committee activity.

Volunteer Tracking - Ensure that volunteers are tracked in your association, including volunteer terms, volunteer types, related benefits (such as special pricing) and a full history of volunteer participation.

Donor Management – Accept donations online and provide support for recurring donations.

Key Functional Areas

Membership Management

  • Streamline the ability to attract, sell and renew individual memberships, including online account management for members and ease of use for membership care teams
  • Support the sale and administration of organizational memberships, with the ability to track a company roster of assigned benefits, provide support for mid-year additions and allow renewals with corporate billing
  • Track a comprehensive membership life cycle, including prospective and active members, in-process renewals, and expired and cancelled memberships; with the ability to see a member's full history at a glance
  • Increase financial accuracy, audit control and revenue recognition for memberships, effectively spreading revenue over membership terms with the ability to manage mid-term membership cancellations and refunds
  • Streamline the membership renewal process by auto-creating invoices, allowing auto-renew of memberships and offering flexible grace periods to maximize renewal rates
  • Maintain a full contact database of active, expired and prospective members that is easy to search, filter and update
  • Leverage do-it-yourself reporting tools to create financial reports, analytics and membership summaries in seconds
  • Improve member communication and experience through a full self-service online portal, automated invoices, tailored emails and newsletters

Event Management

  • Tiered date based pricing with member and non-member considerations
  • Capacity and waitlist management
  • Supports different registration types and rules
  • Product groupings for processing add-ons with event registrations such as memberships and donations
  • Support for proxy registration, where the person completing the registration is not always the person attending the event
  • Robust views of registrations and attendees across current and historical events
  • Configurable revenue recognition logic

Financial Management

  • GL, AR, AP, cash management, statistical accounting, allocation schedules and real-time financial reporting all in one system
  • Built-in FASB Compliant standard and customized reports
  • Grant accounting gives visibility into the grant lifecycle
  • Real-time access to the associations financial performance

Order Management

  • Easily create and maintain price levels with multiple quantity breaks defined at the item level
  • Define item prices in various currency for complete control of your international pricing strategy
  • Easy management of promotion codes and discounts
  • Process refunds for returned products with ease

Sponsorship Management

  • Develop, market and sell sponsorship packages that bundle together a wide range of products and services
  • Support for negotiated pricing, allowing reps to specify a total price for the entire sponsorship package
  • Automatically create and track sponsorship obligations through to completion  
  • Ability to manage revenue recognition rules by item within a sponsorship package to support certain rules like recognizing advertising revenue on the print date, etc.

Subscription Management

  • Streamline the ability to sell and renew subscription products, including publications, magazines and other subscription offerings that integrate with outside services for fulfillment (such as eLearning platforms)
  • Sell bulk subscriptions that are spread out and distributed across many recipients
  • Leverage the ability to bundle complementary subscriptions with other core products, such as memberships, so that they are automatically sold and linked together
  • Track a comprehensive subscription life cycle, including prospective and active subscriptions, in-process renewals, and expired and cancelled subscriptions; with the ability to see a customer's full subscription history at a glance
  • Increase financial accuracy, audit control and revenue recognition for subscriptions, effectively spreading revenue over subscription terms and accommodating various delivery schedules (such as monthly vs. quarterly)
  • Manage delivery types for subscriptions, such as printed vs. digital, with the ability to specify rules for allowable delivery types based on purchase context

Multicurrency and Multilanguage

  • Staff can choose from over 20 languages for their access
  • Supports 190+ currencies and exchange rates and supports real-time currency conversion

Volunteer Tracking

  • Ability to track present and historical customer/member volunteer services
  • Automated promotions and discounts based on volunteer status
  • Management of volunteer positions such as committee chairs and special interest group leaders

Affiliate and Chapter Management

  • Track each member’s affiliation with chapters, also allowing them to select a primary chapter associated with their account
  • Establish rosters of active and past members for each chapter; import chapter generated lists directly into NetSuite for comparison against a chapter’s active roster
  • Track volunteer terms for those who serve in chapter leadership roles

Customer and Member Portals

  • Fully integrated SuiteCommerce My Account/Portal for members and customers
  • Access to open and previously closed transactions that are submitted through the web or directly in the backend
  • Ability to access and update key profile information; name, demographics data, payment information, membership data, and more
  • Ability to process online payments for open transactions such as membership renewal invoices
  • Access to digital files and documents for downloading
  • Ability to integrate with outside systems such as community sites, learning management systems, and certification platforms

Exhibit and Booth Management

  • B2B capabilities for processing transactions for trade show exhibits and booths
  • Functionality to support booth attributes such as booth number, booth size, add-ons, etc.
  • Ability to charge for booths using bill schedules.  Example: 20% down and remainder due XX days before event start date
  • Configurable logic for managing upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations
  • Ability to integrate with third party show planning software such as A2Z, ExpoCad, ETouches/Aventri, etc.
  • Configurable revenue recognition logic

RSM Knows Associations

Let RSM help digitally modernize your association’s critical operations and bring your data and financials into a single system. Whether your organization needs all of these areas of functionality, or just a selected few, we can develop a NetSuite strategy to accomplish your goals.

Why partner with RSM?

RSM is one of the largest and most highly decorated Oracle NetSuite partners globally, and serves as a Solution Provider Partner, Alliance Partner, and BPO Partner for NetSuite. RSM is the trusted advisor to middle market companies for the evaluation, selection, implementation and support of our customers’ NetSuite investment. With more than 100 offices across the North America and a global network with established NetSuite practices in 14 countries, RSM has certified and highly experienced NetSuite resources around the world. With our unique understanding of the middle market, we’ve helped thousands of companies move forward with confidence. We listen closely to make sure we understand you, your business and your organization’s culture, so that you experience the power of being understood.

What RSM brings

  • Deep industry knowledge
  • Personalized service from local offices
  • Proven implementation methodologies from 30+ years of ERP and CRM experience
  • On-shore client support
  • Largest Global NetSuite Partner serving  1,500+ NetSuite Clients since 2004


  • NetSuite Worldwide Solution Provider Partner of the Year 2013-2014, 2016-2020
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