Nonprofits embrace technology as a mission-critical tool

Apr 09, 2024

Key takeaways

Historically, nonprofits have lagged behind for-profit businesses in digital transformation, but that’s slowly changing.

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NetSuite can significantly enhance the operational efficiency, transparency and accountability of nonprofits. 

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NetSuite offers two core benefits that previous systems can’t match: scalability and efficiency. 

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Modernizing has never been more crucial for mission-driven organizations

Historically, nonprofit organizations have lagged behind for-profit businesses when it comes to digital transformation. That’s slowly changing with the “democratization of technology,” which has allowed more nonprofits to get the solutions, software and hardware they need to work better, smarter and more efficiently in the modern business environment. Improving operational efficiency is key to increasing mission-driven organizations’ impact.

Leveraging a modern, cloud-based enterprise resource planning system like NetSuite can help nonprofits:

  • Improve the effectiveness of fundraising.
  • Get better visibility into the impact of programs.
  • Link funding to specific positive impacts.
  • Produce accurate reports for donors.
  • Accurately track expenses and resources.
  • Optimize talent recruitment, retention and management.

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