Technology reinvigorates industrial global supply chains

Apr 10, 2024
Manufacturing Technology consulting Business applications ERP services

The industrial manufacturing and distribution supply chain is expanding and becoming more complex. Globally, distributors that bring all manufacturers’ finished goods to market are on track to reach $11.93 trillion by 2032, up from $7.83 trillion in 2023. The thriving industrial sector works with industrial distributors to get their products into end users’ hands, but that task is becoming increasingly difficult when they rely heavily on aging legacy systems, disconnected software applications and spreadsheets to run growing operations.

This playbook uncovers the technology challenges industrial manufacturers and distributors face in today’s uncertain business environment and shows how leveraging technology such as a modern, cloud-based ERP system can help companies:

  • Expedite orders and meet customer demand.
  • Advance toward digital transformation to gain a competitive edge.
  • Use automation to tackle labor issues.
  • Streamline operations, optimize processes and focus on core missions.

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