Microsoft Dynamics® 365 for Lot Trace and Safety

Reduce risk, minimize exposure, improve responsiveness with real-time access to lot trace data

Recalls have a substantial impact on manufacturers and distributors in the food and beverage world. Traceability can mean life or death – accurate, timely lot trace data is essential. Food and beverage companies need traceability tools that enable them to rapidly pinpoint the source of a problem and allow them to quickly respond to a customer or distributor’s concerns. RSM Advanced Lot Trace provides a host of benefits for food and beverage organizations to streamline compliance efforts and respond quickly in critical business situations. Food and beverage companies can manage all of the Critical Control Points (CCP) in their supply chain, develop food safety/recall plans, and manage raw material, intermediates, and finished product traceability through automated and electronic processes. Advanced lot trace functionality allows complete visibility, forward and backward, of raw materials and finished products throughout all stages in the supply chain.

Features & Benefits

Fast Search
Act fast should a problem arise. End users can simply specify search criteria, such as grower, ranch, lot (GRL) information, and the associated date range and the trace process will retrieve the appropriate lots and construct the entire history in a matter of minutes.

Visibility into Data
Get the big picture with Advanced Lot Trace, which provides a streamlined, complete view of lot information, forward and backward in time, and at a granular level. The system enables the recording of information such as GRL, vendor batch, batch dates and country of origin during the receiving process, and maintains this data throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

Easy-to-Use Lot Trace Wizard
Experience the feeling of having a traceability expert on staff. The Lot Trace Wizard provides a user-friendly way to execute a trace through a series of intuitive questions that allow the user to pinpoint a bad lot. These results can also be saved so information is available later to compare different runs with varying data points. Results can be easily exported to Excel.

Flexible & Adaptable
Adapt to constantly changing regulatory requirements and customer requirements without coding changes.

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