Increase service delivery at health and human services agencies

Health and human services (HHS) agencies are charged with providing services that improve people’s lives. Managing service delivery can be a difficult task, and many existing systems are not focused where they should be―on the recipient of the services.

The challenges of HHS case management often include:

  • Multiple jurisdictions with varying requirements across jurisdictions
  • Availability of services can be inconsistent across jurisdictions
  • Manual, time-consuming processes bog down case management
  • Duplicate and inconsistent data across jurisdictions or agencies
  • No one point of access to the case management plan for each recipient of services, resulting in poor visibility, disjointed and inefficient plans, with frequent scheduling issues
  • Inability to track service recipients across jurisdictions, opening up the possibility of fraud

To help increase efficiency, enhance visibility and improve the service-delivery experience for recipients, RSM developed a powerful, integrated case management tool for health and human services agencies.

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