Dynamics 365 Project Operations


Dynamics 365 Project Operations is a full-featured project management tool leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies.  From initiation of a new opportunity through the full project lifecycle, Project Operations has all the tools necessary to make your organization successful.

 Next Level Project Management
Advanced project management capabilities allow you to proactively predict and manage your organization’s needs. Real-time task tracking and insights into the work being performed, makes sure you deliver on time and on budget.  As time and expenses are entered, projects are instantly updated so you have a real-time view of how the project is progressing.  With a Microsoft Project type feel, it creates a familiar interface to manage and drive your projects to a successful completion.

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Efficient Resource Management
Utilizing the Universal Resource Scheduler, you have full control over project scheduling and on the fly adjustments as projects progress.  You also have the ability to schedule more than just employees. Scheduling capabilities extend to facilities, 3rd Party Contractors, Equipment, and Resource Pools, Project Operations can handle it all.  Need to know who’s busy and who’s not? The Resource Utilization Board gives you all the information you need so you can make informed and accurate decisions.

Project Profitability
Want to run what-if scenarios to see how using different levels of resources could influence project profitability?  Contract performance metrics are available out of the box, so you have clear insight into the profitability of the project.  Swap resources, price lists, and adjust effort levels in real-time to make sure you have the right blend of people to deliver the work and margins are where you expect them to be. 

Organization Wide Collaboration
Throughout the lifecycle of the project, collaboration is key.  Native integration to Microsoft Teams makes this process a breeze.  Create a collaborative workspace where the entire project team can converse, share documents, and work together effectively to make the project a success.


What is Project Operations?

Project Operations from Microsoft is a robust project management platform that enhances communication, optimizes resources and helps increase efficiency while improving profitability and visibility into the full project management lifecycle.