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Independent, strategic solutions for property tax management

Real and personal property taxes increase in complexity as your business grows. You are required to pay these taxes annually regardless of profitability, and doing so properly requires a deep understanding of the complexities of both types of property tax. Our dedicated property tax practice has the experience to help companies control this expense.

We provide property tax reviews to help identify overvaluations and recover overpayments and property tax compliance services to help you maintain confidence in the management and reporting of real and personal property tax for your business.

Property Tax Review

RSM can assist you in taking full advantage of multistate property tax opportunities, including valuation, exemptions and assessment appeals. Our comprehensive property tax review can help you successfully

  • Challenge overvaluations
  • Manage property tax compliance
  • Improve your overall tax position

Our hands-on approach includes a physical inspection of your assets and personal interviews with your personnel to make sure we know the history of your real or personal property. For real estate valuations, we also consider cost, income and sales approaches to identify the valuation approach that is most advantageous to your business. We have the experience to help you appropriately track, classify and report your personal property assets and make certain you are paying only the taxes you owe.

Learn how a thorough property tax review may be able to help you generate current tax savings and reduce your overall tax exposure for future years.

Personal Property Tax Compliance

Avoiding the overpayment of property taxes often requires resources dedicated to identifying overvaluations, missed exemptions, improper classifications and other common property tax compliance mistakes.

We can provide complete support for your personal property tax compliance responsibilities. Our property tax professionals can:

  • Review prior year filings
  • Segregate personal property from real property and intangible assets
  • Prepare personal property returns and file with appropriate taxing authorities
  • Track assessments and tax bills
  • Manage informal and formal negotiations with assessors
  • Amend returns and file appeals as necessary
  • Suggest process and technology changes that can improve your in-house compliance

Learn more about RSM’s client-centric approach to personal property tax compliance.

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