Mergers and Acquisitions

Accelerate your future with greater efficiency

Many middle market organizations commonly turn to mergers and acquisitions to grow or transform their business. However, these transactions are complex, and each type brings its own unique intricacies and challenges. You need the right level of experience, insight and support in your corner to help ensure that a deal delivers its projected value.

RSM’s merger and acquisition team can help you manage everything to do with the purchase or sale of a company or business interest, on national and international platforms. We deliver merger and acquisition services across all the functional areas of a business, including finance, human resources, information technology and cybersecurity, tax, operations, sales and marketing. Our team will help you navigate your merger and acquisition process with specific regard to technologies, people, process and governance of the business, as well as the risks related to those transactions.

Are you a private equity firm? RSM’s M&A360TM platform is execution-driven and centered on delivering measurable enterprise value by applying proven methodologies, industry knowledge and complete deal capabilities. 

How can we help you?

Integrations and separations are highly complex transactions that the advisors at RSM understand well. We can help your company complete the necessary requirements at a rapid pace, moving the business from its previous parent to its new home as quickly as possible. Our strongly defined and well-tested methodology provides consistency of delivery and high-quality engagements, allowing us to ensure your company gets access to top-level resources.


RSM’s approach to integrations is to make sure we clearly grasp the goals of your business. As we enter the engagement, our role is to understand the value capture requirements, such as synergy capture and enhancement, transition service agreement (TSA) exit timing or value engineering.

When you work with us, you’ll have access to the power of our firm, which includes subject matter professionals from across RSM. We can provide insight and directions that will help you make the choices that will affect long-term operations, support future-state design and enhance each and every functional area.

Our goal is to lower the risk of the integration process and optimize its timeline. We manage costs in every possible way, whether that is cost reductions or finding the right place to put those costs in the balance sheet or profit and loss statements.


The process of separating a portion of a business is an intricate operation. With surgical precision, RSM identifies the items inside the perimeter of the deal, as well as what’s outside of it and those components that transition the line.

We use every opportunity to clarify the deal parameters, locate potential synergies and find cost savings for the buyer. We develop TSA elements, including costs, so that the buyer is prepared with a full understanding of what’s included and what needs to be built so that the business can be successfully integrated into their current company.

Pinpointing stranded costs is essential during a separation. Minimizing the stranded costs through accurate entanglement mapping allows us to decrease the ongoing cost needs for the separating business, reducing its ongoing selling, general and administrative (SGA) expenses, operating expenditures and capital requirements.

Portfolio optimization

Following an integration or a separation, a company’s challenge is adopting a new structure that allows maximum efficiency when it comes to the costs and operations of continued business. In the portfolio optimization process, we take a look at every functional area to recognize the places where productively can be enhanced, through technology and automation, better processes and increased or improved governance.

We will help your company identify places for improved compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. We also utilize our ability to build up shared services for your company for cost savings. Across all of these opportunities, we are always looking for ways to optimize the financial performance of your company, minimize the need for additional human resources and maximize the use of existing resources.

Initial public offering readiness

In many ways, IPO readiness follows separation opportunities, with the added feature of public reporting, public filings and a regular cadence of reporting to shareholders or analysts. There are many functions that are required in a public company that are not developed wholly within private organizations. We provide the detailed focus needed for the transformation, which can be long and challenging.

For IPO readiness, we help ensure that all of the required public facing requirements for stocks, reporting and operations are in place for your business. As needed, we utilize subject matter professionals from across the firm to build the appropriate controls and management functions that are necessary to meet the rigorous requirements of going public.

No matter what type of merger and acquisition activity your company is considering, RSM has the depth of experience within your industry and the insight necessary to help you reach your goals.