Divestitures and carve-outs

Your priorities are our priorities. From strategy through separation completion, RSM is poised to help you across the entire divestiture or carve-out life cycle.

Maximizing value in divestitures and carve-outs

When organizations elect to divest or carve-out a percentage of their assets for strategic purposes, they face an array of challenges. Divestitures are complex transactions that typically take months to complete, even after identifying a potential acquirer. To maximize the benefits of the transaction, organizations require a carefully constructed strategy, rigorous due diligence, and precise execution to get to the closing more quickly. They must also know the financial and operating information that buyers want to see, and how it should be presented. Few organizations have the experience, training, and technology to pull it all together.

That’s why so many turn to RSM’s sell-side divestiture and carve-out team for strategic guidance and hands-on implementation. We have established a coordinated, comprehensive methodology to lead companies through an exit readiness exercise that aligns outcomes with goals. It ensures that financial, tax, operational and market opportunities and issues are identified, managed and mitigated before the transaction process begins. We believe that a disciplined approach to divestiture is critical. Regardless of the exit path, it translates into value.

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