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Disputes happen. Our team of financial experts, industry experts, and state-of-the-art technology will support you as you move forward.

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When a dispute arises, you need to strategize, prepare, and respond—quickly, cost-effectively, and confidently. That is why so many attorneys and their clients turn to RSM for the deep, extensive knowledge, industry insight, and technological know-how needed to optimize results. Our professionals understand the complexities of business disputes—and the data and information that underlies them—and can clearly calculate and communicate the financial impact—whether when consulting, during deposition, through negotiation, or in the courtroom.

RSM’s experience spans a wide range of domestic and global forensic accounting, fraud, post-mergers, and acquisitions (M&A), and complex commercial damages cases across various industries. We have a proven record of working with multidisciplinary teams and applying sophisticated technology to generate defensible, objective analyses for cases where issues are challenging and complex and when deadlines are tight.

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Our knowledgeable professionals and industry leaders are armed with state-of-the-art technology and backed by the power of a global consulting firm to ensure you are well-positioned to prepare for and respond to disputes. Deploying a defensible and agile approach, we focus strategically on advising you to achieve your desired outcomes.

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