The Department of Defense (DOD) recently made major revisions to the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC 2.0) aimed at reducing its supply chain cybersecurity risk. With so much uncertainty around CMMC compliance expectations, we’ve partnered with AuditBoard to develop a comprehensive guide for DOD contractors to better understand the journey to CMMC compliance. This guide will help you address the most pressing compliance questions while also providing you with a CMMC preparation checklist.

There’s a common saying in cybersecurity that “you can’t secure what you can’t see.” Accordingly, a key first step toward securing your sensitive data is to create an inventory, surfacing all of the impacted areas across your organization’s processes, data, technology, and people.
  • What maturity level should my organization target?
  • What support will I need in complying with CMMC?
  • What types of CMMC support can I consider?

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