Data analytics for internal audit

Achieving a robust data analytics process can be a complex undertaking. And that explains why many organizations are still in the early stages of fully integrating data analytics throughout their internal audit process. They face common challenges around accessing the right data, developing the skillsets to effectively apply analysis to support audit objectives, finding and retaining specialist resources, and making data analysis cost effective and sustainable.

RSM has a proven approach to establishing an effective, sustainable data analytics program for internal audit. It includes:

  • Working with your organization’s internal audit leaders to develop a data analytics strategy complete with defined goals and measurable objectives
  • Helping you develop a practical plan for data analytics implementation
  • Depending on your needs, assisting you with implementation of your data analytics program

In addition, our data analytics professionals also frequently add additional value by:

  • Conducting workshops aimed at helping your team devise the right data analytics strategy, objectives and plan for your organization
  • Guiding and coaching team members responsible for managing the internal audit data analytics implementation program
  • Identifying where and how to best apply data analytics in each stage of your internal audit process
  • Establishing efficient processes to access data and maintain your internal audit data repositories
  • Providing training for your internal audit data analytics team, including skill-set development and knowledge transfer

If you’re not where you want to be with your internal audit data analytics program or you haven’t started yet, don’t spin your wheels.

RSM has worked with organizations around the globe. Our team includes some of the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable advisors to internal audit teams. Let us help you get to the finish line faster and with fewer headaches using our proven data analytics approach.

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