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The primary challenge for today’s information security leaders is reducing the risk of a data breach that could compromise their organization. Leaders must have a comprehensive understanding of their environment not just from a hardware and software perspective, but also a process and data perspective. While more organizations are adopting cloud solutions, many do not understand how data is entering or leaving their environment. This can lead to uncertainty around the scope of their compliance objectives or the effectiveness of their security controls. 

While many information protection service providers approach information protection from a technology perspective, an organization’s security leaders are best served working with a partner who understands how an organization processes, stores, transmits and accesses critical data sets and can apply technology as a supplemental tool vs. as the exclusive tool. The ideal partner will also be adept at advising the organization beyond its IT/security teams as program failures often occur due to insider threats (intentional or unintentional) or requirements that are unsustainable to day-to-day operations. This will also help security teams avoid reactively responding to audit results and privacy requirements, then scrambling to understand the scale of sensitive information. It will also make it easier to identify opportunities to consolidate and manage critical information, streamline reporting of adherence to privacy demands and optimize costs through decommission of redundant data and efficient application of security technologies.

We understand the information protection challenges you face and have the deep knowledge needed to provide full visibility into the data and systems of your environment. Our professional team has extensive experience working with clients of all sizes to effectively implement data protection programs right-sized for their environment, risk tolerance and program maturity. Clients also benefit from our partnerships with technology providers for added access to a variety of tools combined with our implementation resources. In addition to information protection services, we can provide experienced hands-on specialists to implement technology and process changes recommended as the output of our assessments.

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Many businesses underestimate the amount of personal or consumer data they hold as well as the various regulations required for storing this data. Companies now face significant penalties—even when no data breach has occurred—due to complex and evolving global data privacy regulations. Many organizations are not fully compliant with data privacy laws such as evolving U.S. federal laws to protect consumer information (e.g., CCPA) or international regulations (GDPR, LGPD, PIPEDA) and may not realize the

From data discovery to technical safeguard design and policy development, our team of privacy professionals will help your organization design a program to proactively comply with requirements. An effective data privacy program can also work in your favor as a competitive differentiator.

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Data has become the most important asset many companies have. Organizations that have access to reliable data have more success solving complex problems within the business, maintaining regulatory compliance and confidently driving overall decision-making. But do you really trust your data? To be truly useful, data must be accurate, available and usable.

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