We are proud of and inspired by our alum and their accomplishments. Through the lens of our alums, we learn more about their time at RSM, their career journeys post-RSM, and stories of alums whose career path brought them back to RSM through our Alumni Spotlight series.

Ben Gibbons

RSM alumni

Reflecting on his time with RSM, Ben was most proud of supporting the build-out of our transaction advisory services deal group in Canada. Relationships are integral—relationship building and mentorship were critical and still play a large part in his career.

AJ Mendibur

RSM boomerang

After exploring other career opportunities, AJ returned to RSM for the culture and people. From associates to partners and the strong support system fostered by leadership, RSM is truly one firm.

Tabitha Sanchez

RSM boomerang

Tabitha often says she plans to retire from RSM. Her journey from intern to champion to manager has allowed her to experience RSM's overall support, flexibility and benefits firsthand.

Hemant Shah

RSM alumni

During his time with RSM, Hemant was heavily involved with the firm's culture, diversity and inclusion initiatives. The CDI leaders he met became his board of mentors and later, his board of trustees.

Kristy Wegmann

RSM boomerang

When Kristy took on a new role, "Mom," RSM helped her bridge the balance between home and work life. After feeling the shift to return to work years later, RSM fully embraced and welcomed her back.

Alysia Gawrick

RSM boomerang

After having triplets, Alysia wanted a remote role to manage her time caring for her children while also progressing in her career. Feeling nostalgic for all her RSM memories, Alysia returned to RSM to have the flexibility to work from home.

Stephen Gough

RSM alumni

When the Olympic U.S. short track head coach position became available in 2021, Stephen followed his heart and returned to coaching. Looking back at his time at RSM, he reflects on the good friends he has met and camaraderie in the office.

Teag Jones

RSM boomerang

After pursuing a unique financial advisory opportunity, Teag wanted more structure in his life and dove into his RSM network. Teag's story emphasizes the importance of engaging with your network at every phase of your career.

Jesse Salver

RSM alumni

When Jesse came to RSM, he felt a sense of belonging through the employee network groups. Finding a big firm with a family office feel was important to Jesse, and that's what he found at RSM.

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