Foreign exchange transaction services

More than 80 percent of companies are leaving money on the table

How much money are you losing on your foreign currency payments and hedging transactions? Chances are, it’s considerably more than you think.

Get the facts with an FX assessment. We'll examine your forex treasury function from five perspectives:

  1. Value - does your currency trading firm provide adequate value relative to the cost of its services?
  2. Capability - does it have the right technology and infrastucture in place to meet your needs?
  3. Alignment - does it specialize in private equity and middle-market companies
  4. Risk - have you accurately quantified your currency exposures and taken the proper steps to manage the associated risks?
  5. Innovation - is your current firm pro actively generating ideas to improve efficiencies in this part of your business?

How we can help

If the FX Assessment determines the potential for significant cost savings, you'll be better prepared to address your alternatives. This includes evaluating service providers for currency transactions, including your payables, receivables and any currently used hedging products. Our 400+ financial advisory professionals can help find the best strategies for your business. RSM's EBITDA enhancing solutions balance thoroughness with speed.

As part of our expanding suite of solutions that accrue value, RSM has collaborated with Bannockburn Global Forex to develop the FX Assessment to ensure our clients receive information and advice that deliver bottom-line impact.

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