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Birdies Fore Love Impact: Genesis Women’s Shelter


Since the Birdies Fore Love program started 10 years ago, RSM has supported hundreds of charities in local communities across the United States. In 2018 alone, the program raised over $2.8 million for more than 70 charities. In a series of articles, we’ll learn more about a few of these deserving charitable organizations to better understand the impact Birdies Fore Love has on the communities where our peole live and work.

Since opening its doors in 1985, Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support has provided safety, shelter and support to women and children who have experienced domestic violence. Genesis is committed to removing every roadblock a woman and her children might face on their journeys to the abuse-free lives they deserve. These life-changing services include an emergency shelter, long-term housing, an award-winning, onsite K-12 school, daycare, access to legal representation and cutting-edge therapeutics. Genesis serves more than 3,700 women and children each year, and relies on the generous support of the Dallas community to continue providing these services at no cost to clients. 

Through the 2018 Birdies Fore Love program, RSM’s Dallas office donated more than $42,000 to Genesis Women’s Shelter. “These funds allow us to keep our lights on and our doors open for women and children who are in the fight of their lives,” said Amy Ridings, director of communications at Genesis Women’s Shelter. “The most critical method with which we measure a successful campaign is how many women and children were helped. A $100 donation covers the cost of a counseling session with a masters-level therapist, effectively allowing a woman and her children their first steps toward healing. By these numbers, the money raised through Birdies Fore Love serves as 420 counseling sessions for moms and their children, allowing us to effectively break the cycle of violence and heal homes that have been broken.”

RSM’s involvement with Genesis has changed and perhaps even saved lives. According to Genesis, 40% of boys who witness abuse as children go on to become perpetrators, and 50% of girls who witness domestic violence go on to enter into abusive relationships. The funds raised by our Dallas office allow Genesis to intervene and work directly with these children to address the short- and long-term behavioral, emotional and physical effects of abuse.

The Dallas office partnered with Genesis in many ways in 2018, from serving as the organization’s North Texas Giving Day matching donor, to hosting in-kind donation drives, to hosting a lunch-and-learn for RSM employees, to sponsoring events. They came up with creative fundraising ideas and engaged with Genesis year-round to raise both critical funds and awareness. “When people support and participate in Birdies Fore Love, small donations add up in a huge way,” said Ridings. “Whether it’s a $10 contribution or participating in a lunch-and-learn to absorb new information about domestic violence, team participation and support of Birdies Fore Love is critical. The Birdies Fore Love program is life-changing to the women and children who rely on Genesis for safety, shelter and support. In addition to helping raise funds and awareness surrounding the issue of domestic violence, the RSM team was incredible to work with. Stewardship is one of RSM’s core values, and it’s clear that it is woven into the fabric of the corporate culture. Their creativity and dedication to our cause was evident throughout the entire process, and we are so grateful!”