Deal Consulting

If you are looking to expand through acquisition, diversify assets, satisfy liquidity requirements, sell a division or even fund an idea, focusing your time and attention in the right place is critical. Today’s business environment involves ever-changing and ever-increasing levels of transaction activity. When weighing your options, you want to make sure you are using the right people, methodology and analysis.  

How can we help you?

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A process focused on articulating your growth plan, understanding your options and modeling out scenarios helps create confidence that you are allocating your resources correctly. RSM’s deal consulting professionals deliver the information you need to make solid, informed decisions to optimize value well in advance of a potential transaction.  To help start a deal off on the right foot, RSM’s deal consulting team offers three primary services:

Financial modeling and projections – Whether driven by economic and market volatility or competition, companies need to be efficient during the planning process to maximize the value of a transaction. Whether it is before or during a quality of earnings analysis, our financial modeling and projections can support clients in the following areas:

  • Bottom-up build of financial projections based on a business plan
  • Review of existing financial models
  • Analysis of returns for investors or co-investors in a deal
  • Merger and synergy modeling to ensure an accurate forecast of the pro forma business post-closing or for other strategic opportunities
  • Covenant modeling to support financing scenarios and identify synergy opportunities or carve-outs

In all situations, we are focused on increasing the sophistication associated with projected financials to bring confidence to the stakeholders involved in a transaction. In addition, we are also focused on working on projections that have already been performed prior to a business going to market, performing an analysis that bridges the buy-side or investor due diligence to a revised set of projections.

The validation and sophistication we can provide helps to satisfy many requirements from a financing perspective. When securing financing, a bank can include covenants, such as a certain debt to EBITDA ratio, required to maintain the loan. Our team can help determine how the business is expected to perform against this ratio, tying back to the projections, thereby ensuring the loan documentation aligns to the projected future business performance.  

Transaction readiness and strategic assessments – We assist business owners, management teams and stakeholders that are setting a transaction plan in motion, with business assessments aimed at enhancing success and maximizing valuation.  Going to market unprepared may cause you to leave money on the table or, even worse, lead to an unsuccessful transaction.

We assess the business through the lens of a potential buyer, financier or investor. This includes an assessment of financial, operational and market positioning, followed by assistance with recommendations for value creation strategies in the lead up to a potential transaction.

Deal management services – Our team helps shareholders and managers with deal management, especially if the internal capacity (or experience) does not exist for certain transactions. In some deals, a company will not engage an investment banker due to company size or cost, or where a buyer approaches a company directly to propose a transaction. In these cases, RSM can provide the resources necessary to help with information flow to the seller and other deal support, putting the company in an advantageous position.  

We support deal preparation activities throughout the entire transaction process, managing initial information that is going out, supporting analysis for negotiations and deal structuring, as well as managing due diligence requests all the way through to closing the deal.

Whether you’re a buyer, seller or company requiring capital to grow or restructure your business, our experienced deal consulting team can help you make well-informed and timely decisions.