Transaction Advisory Services

Leveraging opportunities. Controlling risks.

Every deal presents unique opportunities, risks and challenges. As a potential buyer, it’s critically important that your team performs enough buy-side due diligence to ensure the acquisition delivers the right fit for the right price. As a potential seller, performing due diligence reduces the risk of having surprises surface during the sales process; sell-side due diligence can result in increased surety of close and value retention.

As either a buyer or seller, you can rely on our experienced transaction advisory professionals to thoroughly review financial, operational and strategic assumptions in any potential deal, helping you gain a clear perspective on the opportunities—or dangers—the transaction may present. In addition, RSM’s value creation mindset helps deliver value throughout all stages of the transaction life cycle.

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Because industry knowledge and experience are of prime importance, RSM brings deep experience in a wide range of industries, including:

RSM’s core due diligence offerings include the following:

Financial – RSM’s rigorous, objective due diligence approach means that we take a deep dive into the financial elements of a proposed deal, which allows us to separate assumptions from reality. This makes it easier for you to structure and negotiate a favorable deal.

Deal analytics – By applying advanced analytical techniques, we can uncover otherwise hidden sources of growth or profit leakage before you buy or sell a company. We synthesize the data to create interactive dashboards focused on the most relevant business and industry key performance indicators, providing you with information that can optimize deal value.

Information technology – Effective operations is the heart of any growing business, and IT systems can enhance those business processes. By reviewing the functions of a business, and understanding the degree to which they are enabled or hindered by IT, we can identify risks and investment needs to meet the investment thesis and also spot new avenues for growth. Through this business-oriented approach we also identify major investment needs including noncompliant licensing, outdated systems and infrastructure, inadequate support or misaligned leadership.

Cybersecurity and data privacy – Through a rigorous analysis of the business, our cybersecurity and data privacy assessment identifies vulnerabilities and latent risks in the business. We critically assess regulatory requirements including GDPR, PCI and HIPAA, while understanding the maturity level and investments required to make tailored recommendations to control exposures. For sellers, we integrate a robust data security framework with appropriate controls, and identify systemic gaps and vulnerabilities so that the seller can address these issues in advance of a sale.

Synergy and cost savings – For synergies, we assess a new acquisition’s front-office, core process and back-office functions and work with management to design a consolidation into an existing portfolio company including systems, infrastructure and human capital. For cost savings assessments we look across the business for more optimal system licensing, infrastructure, real estate and human capital, and can also look at the design of operational processes to create further efficiencies through process redesign or use of additional technologies.

Deal consulting – We support transaction readiness (financial, operations and market positioning) to ensure maximization of transaction success. We prepare financial projections preparation and validation, including returns analysis and capital structuring scenarios. Our professionals evaluate the target company’s HR compliance, approach and existing leadership philosophy, and post-close standup or integration to enable a better understanding of the post-close HR risks and workforce investment.

Tax and structuring – The tax implications of a proposed transaction are an important part of determining the best structure to optimize a deal‘s value. Without careful, experienced due diligence in this area, the deal’s overall financial investments could be in serious peril.