Salesforce managed services

Delivering the right level of Salesforce support at the right time 

In addition to extensive implementation and optimization services, you can partner with RSM to provide powerful Salesforce capabilities within your own organization. Using RSM’s managed services, you can get a part- or full-time certified Salesforce expert to help you every step of the way.

Service and sales organizations rarely have the time or resources to develop and retain Salesforce expertise in-house. Line of business managers may not have deep enough technical skills and IT departments are already stretched thin and may not have the business experience in Salesforce best practices. The answer is RSM’s managed services, which provides the expertise you need in just the right amount, exactly when you want it. 

RSM’s managed services are fast and flexible, empowering your organization by:

  • Enabling you to keep a lean infrastructure team
  • Ensuring you are always getting the optimum value from your Salesforce investment
  • Ensuring the right skills are available as your Salesforce needs and requirements change
  • Improving adoption of Salesforce, increasing productivity and delivering better business data
  • Providing expertise, flexibility and responsiveness in a service that’s designed to seamlessly meet your needs.

With RSM managed services, you get expert assistance on all things Salesforce. Some typical requests include the following:

  • Assistance restructuring Salesforce to handle a reorganization or territory realignment
  • New reports and dashboard elements required to support a management meeting
  • New triggers to automate a new workflow requirement
  • Data cleansing as part of an import of new leads
  • Training for a new employee (admin or end-user)
  • Creation of an automated quoting process
  • Integration of Salesforce with a back-end finance system
  • Addition of new products and services to the product mix for tracking purposes

Why RSM?

Service Provider
Our team has been there before. Our team is comprised of sales, marketing, support, operations executives and managers as well as Salesforce administrators. We understand your needs.

Solutions Advisor
We leverage best practices from working with hundreds of companies across dozens of industries. Every business is different and we provide our expertise so that you gain a significant competitive advantage.

System Integrator
We always architect Salesforce Solutions for flexibility and growth. When applicable, we leverage native functionality and design our solutions to be as future-proofed as possible.

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