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Rising customer expectations present real challenges to online retailers. Customers expect a personalized, seamless and convenient shopping experience with multiple touch points. RSM brings a cross-functional team with a broad array of experiences together to help retailers meet this challenge using Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

In a Salesforce Commerce Cloud engagement, we leverage our user experience (UX),  design and digital marketing teams alongside our functional and technical architects and developers with deep experience to build the best solution possible. We consider many things, such as customer personas, journeys, current analytics and friction points, mobile and accessible design and code, all while writing highly performant code that considers your business’s unique requirements and constraints.

How can we make Salesforce Commerce Cloud work for you?

As a technology advisor, we focus on delivering business outcomes rather than just technology implementations. We prioritize understanding your unique business and its objectives. With our deep knowledge of the e-commerce industry, particularly in Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we deliver solutions to navigate the complexities of the online retail landscape.

We not only consider your consumer-facing website, but we also understand the crucial role of integrations with back-office systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and order management systems in delivering a seamless customer experience. At RSM, our collaborative approach produces a seamless organization without barriers between our UX, design, marketing, development and ERP teams. By working together, we can provide comprehensive solutions that align all aspects of your e-commerce business to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our team possesses extensive Salesforce Commerce Cloud capabilities, with experience dating back to 2009. We have successfully advised small and large businesses, multibrand and multilocale enterprises, and businesses with a large omnichannel footprint. Our background spans various industries, including apparel, footwear, cosmetics, furniture and home goods. 

We work with our customers to holistically understand their brand and business and translate that into an engaging e-commerce experience that builds trust and loyalty.

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