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Integration with Salesforce


Effective integration between systems is critical to creating new efficiencies and enhancing visibility to key data. To that end, Salesforce has a flexible, open integration platform with the ability to seamlessly connect with almost any other system. These integrations can create increased business value by allowing an automated exchange of information between systems and developing workflow processes to call functions in other systems.   

Learn more about the depth of potential Salesforce integrations in our new comprehensive Integration with Salesforce guide. In it, we detail common-use cases, types of integration and integration considerations, as well as how you can realize more value through:

  • Faster cycle times with data automatically passed from system to system
  • No need for “swivel chairing” or switching between systems
  • Reduced errors by eliminating manual processes
  • Creating a “single pane of glass”—with the data you need on one screen
  • Cost savings with fewer necessary licenses

Receive your copy of this valuable guide now.

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Receive your copy of this valuable guide now.