Discretionary Credit and Incentive Programs

Every community wants to add good jobs, attract investment and help its businesses succeed. But not every incentive opportunity is defined in an existing program. The topic is always in the news—a state or city offering a major corporation a generous package of incentives to relocate, or even to keep their operations in place. You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to negotiate those benefits.

If you're considering new hiring, investment, location or operational initiatives, RSM can help you investigate customized incentive opportunities with the affected communities. Among other possible incentives, your jobs could give you the leverage to negotiate:

  • Income tax abatements
  • Sales and use tax relief
  • Tax increment financing (TIF)
  • Nonrefundable credits into refundable credits
  • Property tax abatements

When pursuing a discretionary credit and incentive package, it is important to understand the entire process, including the information economic development agencies require in order to make decisions around benefit amounts or custom incentives. Our credits and incentives team has experience preparing incentive proposals and negotiating with government agencies to obtain favorable incentive offers, frequently increasing the benefits companies are able to secure on their own.

Our approach involves a thorough assessment of your business operations and strategic plans to identify areas of incentive opportunity. We can work with your business and tax teams to provide all required documentation to support your request and, ultimately, secure the agreed-upon incentives.

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DIY approach can be a bad bet when negotiating credits and incentives


DIY approach can be a bad bet when negotiating credits and incentives

Companies that negotiate their own credits and incentives often miss opportunities and create compliance issues.

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