State tax credits and incentives

Identifying and negotiating state credits and incentives to offset investment expenses

Identify and negotiate tax credits, incentives and cash grants to boost capital investment returns

To attract new business, many states and local jurisdictions offer incentives to stimulate hiring and capital investment. As companies consider expansion, it’s crucial to proactively consider potential incentives as part of an overall expansion plan.  

RSM skilled tax professionals can support and advise your company throughout the process of identifying, negotiating, claiming and filing potential incentives. While some incentives may be statutory in nature, many others must be negotiated before a project begins to realize the largest potential. The amount of incentives available vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and often require extensive applications, proof of relocation or other data to qualify. Our approach aligns with capital investment lifecycles and RSM can lead and manage the entire process, from planning and negotiation to implementation and filing.   

RSM can also help identify jurisdictions offering job creation and workforce training credits and incentives. Taking advantage of these programs can help offset hiring and training costs, giving your company better return on its capital investments.  

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