Capital Investment Incentive Planning

Every state and jurisdiction has to compete to attract new businesses. Many offer incentives, ranging from tax credits to cash grants, to stimulate capital investment. But companies need to plan ahead to capitalize on these opportunities. These incentives must be negotiated in advance, and companies usually have to prove there is out-of-state competition in order to qualify. Often, the number of jobs associated with the investment determines the size of the incentive offered.

The rules around these incentives vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and they are sometimes negotiated on a case-by-case basis. RSM has worked with companies in a wide range of industries in locations across the country to capitalize on these opportunities. We have developed an approach that aligns with the capital investment lifecycle from planning through execution.

In addition to statutory investment incentives, many states offer discretionary investment tax credits negotiated directly with companies to encourage investments in their communities. RSM can help you identify and negotiate these opportunities to improve the overall return on your capital investments.

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DIY approach can be a bad bet when negotiating credits and incentives

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