Compensation and Benefits

Structuring programs to compete for talent in today’s market

Effective compensation and benefits programs are central to your ability to attract and retain talent in today’s hypercompetitive employment market. The good news? You have more options to choose from than ever before, enabling you to more closely tailor your compensation and benefits programs to your business strategy and to your employees’ needs. But that complexity is also the bad news. How do you choose the right options without creating undesirable tax complications? How do you keep your plans aligned with your strategy in an evolving business environment? How do you deal with the uncertainties and compliance burdens of constantly changing regulations?

At RSM, we understand. We’ve been helping middle market businesses make the right compensation and benefits choices to support their unique strategies for decades. From plan design and implementation to the full range of compliance, tax and reporting challenges you face, we’re ready to help.

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Using partnership compensatory devices in succession planning

The ownership structure and tax treatment of partnerships call for unique compensatory devices when designing a succession plan.

Using compensatory devices in succession planning

With proper foresight, closely held business owners can use multiple tools to address various goals when exiting from the business.

Succession planning using retirement plans

Business owners who work for the company may facilitate an ownership transition by separating service payments from company value.

Succession planning using employee stock ownership plans

ESOPs are a unique tool that can be valuable to selling shareholders, corporations and employees in a corporate succession plan.

Equity compensation as a succession planning device

Equity compensation plans may alleviate concerns that closely held business owners have during transition planning.

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