System and Organization Controls

Accurately communicate financial internal controls, data security and privacy 

Your system and organization controls (SOC) reporting can be a powerful tool for new and existing clients, signaling trust, commitment and value. SOC reports are becoming must-haves for a competitive advantage as clients across industries increasingly demand this type of assurance from their vendors and partners.

At RSM, our approach and our skill set us apart. Our SOC assurance team works with you to determine which report best demonstrates your commitment to internal controls, security and data protection, and we can assist with developing a report that is of highest quality.

How can we help you?

Contact us by phone at 800.274.3978 or request more information by email. 

Our team in this highly specialized area can also work with you to identify potential controls and operational recommendations in advance of a formal SOC attestation engagement. We bring the industry knowledge and experience you need to assist your organization in:

  • Identifying the appropriate report to provide controls assurance to your customers and other stakeholders
  • Providing recommendations that add value to your control environment
  • Recommending solutions to reduce compliance cost

High-quality, industry-specific SOC reports can differentiate you from your competition, and being prepared for them saves you time and money. Work with us to leverage the full value of SOC reporting.