Risk Advisory Case Studies

Without adequate protection, your finances, reputation and critical data are vulnerable. That’s why RSM works with organizations in a variety of industries to identify, address and mitigate risk and secure their most valuable assets.

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“The relationship with RSM got us where we needed to be. They considered the systems in place and spoke cross-functionally to the marketing and IT teams to understand the organization on an individual market level. I’m confident that we have answers and can demonstrate them.”

Recent case studies

Leveraging cyberthreat intelligence to understand potential threats

Leveraging cyberthreat intelligence to understand potential threats

RSM's cyberthreat intelligence team helps organizations protect themselves from cyberthreats and make better risk-informed decisions.

  • November 10, 2020

Remote workforce security assessment secures key remote operations

As COVID-19 became a significant concern, a chemical, safety and hygiene company had to rapidly shift to a work-from-home strategy.

  • August 04, 2020
Community hospital hit with ransomware attack: RSM steps in to help

Community hospital hit with ransomware attack: RSM steps in to help

A hospital suffers a ransomware attack. In the aftermath, RSM helps hospital fortify security via testing, monitoring, governance and more.

  • February 14, 2020

Additional case studies

RSM quickly addresses gift fulfillment business PCI compliance

RSM team helps gift card fulfillment business restore security and payment card industry compliance, all before key holiday shopping season.

RSM’s quick cross-functional team mitigates food company’s cyberattack

The fast response of RSM’s cross-functional team reduced further cyberattack damage to this leading supplier of food products.

RSM's global resources enable beverage leader to reach GDPR compliance

RSM worked with the client to develop a comprehensive data privacy foundation, utilizing global resources to align processes with the GDPR.

RSM helps global bank address cloud risks, overcome regulatory actions

RSM’s cloud risk and compliance team helped one of the world’s largest banks resolve regulatory issues and strengthen cloud risk strategies.

Global security awareness through phishing

RSM found inconsistencies in the security awareness program of a large, global manufacturing organization. Learn more.

Physical attack and penetration assessment

RSM helps a large manufacturing organization improve its physical security program by performing a physical attack and penetration test.