Cybersecurity Research and Innovation

Customized solutions to unique security threats and challenges

In order to deliver services and recommendations on the cutting edge that truly meet client needs, RSM integrates research and innovation (R&I) into all of our services. R&I projects present rapid solutions and creative answers to our client’s unique threats and challenges.


Attackers are always developing new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and target systems. Organizations and security professionals must therefore constantly track threats and evaluate current tools and processes to determine their effectiveness. When new or unique security challenges arise, it is important to dedicate resources to develop and test effective solutions for these problems. R&I projects help meet these challenges with customized and tailored assessments.

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Who Needs This

RSM’s R&I is a core component for gathering, interpreting and presenting precise intelligence about the tools, methodologies and techniques used by attackers. Standard testing methods are not always well equipped to deal with emerging threats, which use both physical and logical avenues to disrupt business operations. Businesses that develop new technologies benefit from our R&I services, along with industries using more unique technologies.

Detailed Approach

Attackers are always developing new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and target systems that may contain sensitive data. Because of this, organizations and security professionals must remain vigilant in tracking threats and evaluating the current tools and processes to determine how effective they are. When unique, unknown challenges arise, our R&I staff is ready to meet the challenge.

In addition, our R&I team conducts vulnerability research and develops custom security tools. Some of these tools are released to the community while others are kept in-house to give our testing team a unique advantage on client assessments. RSM frequently releases vulnerability research and tools ranging from cutting edge exploit proof-of-concepts to full-fledged open source products, such as King Phisher and Termineter. Members of RSM’s team frequently present their research at conferences that range from regional to much larger events, including Black Hat and DerbyCon. Additionally, members of RSM’s R&I team are active in the open source community in general, making contributions to popular projects, such as Metasploit, Empire and sqlmap.

R&I assessments will be customized to fit the requirements of the client’s goals by doing a complete security assessment against devices and/or device information flow. The list below is an example of some of the security reviews of a customized R&I solution, and is packaged to fit the needs and requirements of the client, and their goals for the assessment:

  1. Logical network attacks against services listening on the device, attacking and looking for known vulnerabilities
  2. Review of customized algorithms, protocols and services
  3. Review of wireless communication connections
  4. Look for unknown vulnerabilities
  5. Review of connecting services/servers

R&I extends our capabilities to minimize impact and risks while maximizing capabilities and specialized knowledge. We focus on testing products, developing new exploits and tools, and solving complex or unknown problems. This innovation allows RSM to stay in the forefront of the security industry as thought leaders.

Call to action

Special technology and unique vulnerabilities often require tailored solutions. RSM’s R&I staff is prepared to conduct extensive research on your system, and excited to help develop a solution that best fits your needs. To ensure that your specialized software or systems are secure from vulnerabilities and attackers, reach out to RSM today.