Ransomware Assessment

Preparing your business to address the growing ransomware threat

Ransomware is becoming more advanced and more destructive. Though the health care industry is a popular target for ransomware, it truly is an increasing threat for businesses both big and small in every industry. Unfortunately, since these threats are evolving and becoming more covert, they often slip by traditional defense mechanisms.

RSM’s comprehensive ransomware assessment helps you understand your potential susceptibility to ransomware attacks and pinpoints areas where you can improve security measures. This assessment also reveals how ransomware will affect your business processes. With this knowledge, your organization can more efficiently train personnel, tune equipment and allocate resources to mitigate this advanced and destructive threat.

Our ransomware assessment consists of several key steps, including:

  1. Simulating a real ransomware attack to directly test the effectiveness of your controls
  2. Confirming whether logging, monitoring and alerting systems are properly configured
  3. Testing security controls, user susceptibility and incident response procedures

Ransomware can incapacitate a business, and our ransomware assessment can help your company avoid a potential disaster.