Iowa Association of School Boards CyberProtectED

Help prevent data breaches and cyberthreats to your school.

Advancing technologies and evolving cyberthreats have today’s educational organizations facing demands for increased security with diminishing budgets and fewer resources. With proactive planning and guidance, however, schools can be in a better position to defend against or remediate cyberattacks.

The Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB) has recognized that cybersecurity is one of the most challenging issues facing its members. As a result, RSM US LLP has been selected as an affiliate to help its members ensure their students, staff and facilities are protected – both physically and virtually.

CyberProtectED Services

RSM offers a variety of packages as part of the CyberProtectED program to fit your organization’s needs:

  • Core Cyber Risk Assessment – The core cyber risk assessment is our base risk assessment package. The goal of this assessment is to provide an analysis of the current cyber security posture to identify gaps and areas of improvement.
  • Advanced Cyber Risk Assessment – The advanced cyber risk assessment is intended for districts and organizations looking to understand the full threat landscape and their level of preparedness.  
  • Cybersecurity Training and Awareness – Attackers continue to count on the susceptibility of end-users to gain access to a network. This assessment will help you design training for staff and students, from reviewing your existing training content and processes to designing new ones.  
  • Cybersecurity Staff Support – Most districts and organizations know that a security program is something they need but they lack in the talent resources to make it happen. This program provided support for your internal IT staff from RSM’s highly trained cybersecurity team.  
  • Reporting Package – Conducting regular assessments alone is not enough if the results are not relayed in a digestible way that all interested parties can understand. All CyberProtectED packages come with a reporting package customized to help your superintendent and district staff know where you stand, with recommended priorities to better protect your district.

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