Nonprofit outsourcing: Building a case

Reap the benefits of outsourcing finance and technology functions

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How does nonprofit outsourcing help you reach your goals?

You know your nonprofit faces one-of-a-kind challenges. From strict compliance and uncertain funding to outdated technology and high staff turnover, you’re performing a constant balancing act to deliver on your mission.

By outsourcing your finance, accounting, IT and cybersecurity functions to RSM, your nonprofit will benefit from dedicated teams of advisors with years of experience—skilled professionals who can become a reliable constant in your operation.

Here are just a few of the benefits RSM’s managed services can offer:

  • Protecting donor and member data against hacks
  • Managing payroll and accounting tasks
  • Supporting online fundraising
  • Keeping technology upgraded and current
  • Facilitating digital collaboration
  • Handling compliance requirements
  • Creating program visualizations for stakeholders
  • Getting the staffing flexibility and scalability you need

Watch our short video on nonprofit outsourcing to learn how RSM can provide your nonprofit with the skills and technology you need so your team can focus on what really counts.

Why RSM managed services?

Our wide portfolio of consulting and outsourcing solutions meets the needs of organizations today and tomorrow. We offer proprietary solutions and insights built on industry- and sector-specific experience and knowledge. Every engagement starts with a comprehensive assessment that considers an organization’s business strategy, goals and constraints.

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